Stenson's BMW Meltdowns
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/20/13

At last week's BMW Championship at Conway Farms, Henrik Stenson encountered a spot of bother in the final round, which included two bogeys and two double-bogeys. The video above is the only motion picture evidence of what turned out to be two meltdowns. The other pile of detritus was found in the locker room at Conway Farms.

And while it may not rank up there with hotel rooms or arena dressing rooms trashed by drunken or drug-addled rock stars, it certainly isn't pretty:

Stenson is called "The Ice Man" by some golf writers, but the Ice Man melteth down when confronted with a 74 on the scorecard. Given that Stenson is at least assured of a $175,000 payday at this week's Tour Championship, we assume that he will do the right thing and recompense the staff at Conway Farms.

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