Did It Move or Not?
By mustang6560 on 9/16/13

Tiger Woods was involved in another highly publicized rules infraction last Friday.

As he was moving a few twigs next to his ball on the first hole of the second round, his ball moved.

From Tiger's point of view, the ball appeared to oscillate, so he alerted his playing partners and proceeded as normal. However, a freelance videographer captured the action on camera and in the high-def replay, the ball appeared to move.

After his round, Slugger White, the chief rules official on the PGA Tour, showed Tiger the video and assessed the world number one a two-stroke penalty, which turned his opening double bogey into a quadruple bogey.

Despite the video evidence, Tiger stood firm saying the ball didn't move.
"As I said, from my vantage point, I thought it just oscillated and that was it," Woods said Saturday after shooting a 5-under 66 at Conway Farms. "They replayed it again and again and again. And I felt the same way."
I can buy the fact Tiger felt like the ball oscillated from his point of view standing over it, however, after watching the video, it's pretty clear the ball moved so I'm surprised he remained steadfast.

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Image via Nike Golf

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Mikeanel says:
If the naked eye. Did not see it move then it did not.

The Tiger bashing is counter productive and must stop for the good of the game.
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