First Green Jacket Sells For Record Price
By mustang6560 on 9/10/13
In 1934, Horton Smith won the inaugural Augusta National Invitation Tournament, now known as the Masters Tournament, by one stroke over Craig Wood. He also won the Augusta National Invitation Tournament again in 1936.

His prize was $1,500.

Back then, the folks at Augusta National didn't award the now coveted Green Jacket to the winner. In fact, Sam Snead was the first Masters Tournament winner to receive a "green coat" in 1949, the same year the "Original 10" winners were retroactively awarded their green jackets, too.

Until recently, it was thought Horton's Green Jacket was lost to history. Long story short, it was passed down a few times before it turned up on, where it sold for a record $682,229.45 Sunday.
Tear up the record books! The original Green Jacket awarded to the first-ever Masters Tournament Champion Horton Smith shocked the golf world by fetching almost $700,000 Sunday morning on The $682,229 final bid is the highest price ever paid for a piece of golf memorabilia.
It must be nice to have $700k to spend on a sport coat.

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Image via Green Jacket Auctions

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