Dr. Wally Breaks 104
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/11/13
Nelson Coffin of the Baltimore Sun has the feel-good story of the week — that is, unless Louis Oosthuizen wins the John Deere Classic on Sunday.  :-P

Dr. Wally Sennott is a retired radiologist who usually plays golf at Pine Ridge GC in Lutherville Timonium, Maryland — just outside Baltimore. The Sun profiled Dr. Sennott the other day, because he is not just your average, ordinary retiree who plays golf.

Dr. Sennott is 104 years old.

He's still pretty good, too; the Sun quoted Pine Ridge Senior Golf Club president Jim Ridenour's assessment of the good doctor's game:
"He doesn't hit it very far, but he hits it straight," said Ridenour, whose executive committee awarded Dr. Sennott and Rodgers Forge resident Charles Zorbach with honorary memberships at a ceremony June 24. "His short game, including putting, is very good. He's just wonderful to play with, very encouraging. He's an inspiration to all of us guys who are over 80."
(This writer's beloved maternal grandfather was much the same way, although he was a businessman rather than a physician. He celebrated his 100th birthday by playing most of the first nine at Edgewood GC in Fargo, North Dakota back in 1989 — with a couple of news photographers in tow.)

We at oobgolf hereby offer a major tip of the hat to you, Dr. Wally Sennott, and your lovely wife of 75 years, Adelaide.

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Image via Baltimore Sun

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