Unequal accomplishment?
Unequal compensation?
Purse or Prestige?
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/8/13
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The Houston Chronicle's editorial board have sounded off on a topic that has also nagged at this writer from time to time:
A national championship is a national championship. The money should more fairly reflect that for U.S. golf's national championship. Wimbledon and the U.S. Tennis Open have decreed parity for men's and women's purses. Why not the USGA, the keeper of golf's history and grand traditions?

Bringing the purses for the U.S. Women's Open championship in line with the men's winner would be important symbolism in a game where symbols and traditions matter much.
This writer refuses to argue with the logic.

In fact, this writer suspects that if you were to ask Tiger Woods, Webb Simpson, Justin Rose, and Lucas Glover, they would tell you that while the winner's check is certainly nice, the more important benefits of winning a men's U.S. Open Championship are the prestige and cachet of being a U.S. Open Champion, the exemption from tour qualification, and the automatic invitations to the other major championships.

One interesting blunder made by the Chronicle's editorial staff: They described the United States Golf Association as a "tax-supported governing body." Some basic research or even a simple telephone call to the USGA's finance department would have revealed that they are a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that does not receive any taxpayer funding from the federal government.

h/t Geoff Shackelford

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Image via USGA, John Mummert

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ally1957 says:
Equal rights.
My post "stardom" in the general forum puts this forward. You are talking abount monetary reward, but still nothing in the press about a British young lady coming fourth in the lpga at her first atempt yet you win at wimbledon at the umptheenth atempt and you deserve a knighthood.
ally1957 says:
just looked at the soundtrack bit funny
tegan34 says:
The editorial board of The Houston Chronicle is advised on their pace and thinking attitude which they express in their newspaper. I got bestessays service to help me in essays. Nowadays Houston Chronicle is gradually losing it's rhythm and pace which is disturbing.
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