9-Year-Old Shoots 58
By mustang6560 on 6/18/13
I am thoroughly disgusted impressed with Zach Adams, the 9-year-old who bested the likes of Al Geiberger, Chip Beck and David Duval by shooting a 58 in competition.
Competing in the Mount Pleasant Junior Golf Open this week at Patriots Point Links, Zach Adams shot an 18-hole score of 58.

Sure, the golf course he played totaled only 2,680 yards, but 58 is 58. And he did it in the heat of competition, shooting a pair of 29s over two days to win the 8-9 Boys division.

During the first round, Adams made an eagle and five birdies. He added two eagles and three birdies on the second day. The par-4 holes ranged from 150 to 170 yards, the par-5s were 200 to 215 yards and the par-3s were 60 to 75 yards.
On a separate but related note, I am tempted, for fun, to play from the red tees at Colonial (my home course) one day to see if I can break par. I highly doubt I could break 60, but I bet I could break 70.

h/t Geoff Shackelford

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Image via The Post and Currier

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