Heeeere's Your Golf Clubs!
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/5/13
Golf Magazine's Josh Sens has reported that famous Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson, who is reportedly a 12.5 handicap / shot index, has spent $75,000 on a set of golf clubs crafted from 24-karat gold and platinum.

At least Nicholson chose well.

His clubs are manufactured by the high-end Japanese clubmaking firm Honma, which is available in the United States through North Carolina-based Premier Golf. Honma Golf have been in business for 54 years and are known for their extremely tight tolerances in manufacturing — as little as 1/100th of a millimeter. Among Honma's satisfied customers are billionaire and golf developer Donald Trump, who was quoted by Marketwatch thusly:
"I think they’re great. I find they play very, very well. They're very beautiful clubs, nicer than any I've seen."
The Edwin Watts golf retail chain carries a "base" level set of Honma clubs — for just $6,000.

Having seen many pictures and checked out the specifications of many of Honma's iron sets, I will admit that I would not mind having a custom-fit set of their TW717V irons — without the gold and platinum tweaks, obviously. But realistically, my rather serious case of "gear lust" is for Mizuno's MP-64 irons.

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Image via Flickr, Alan Light and Marketwatch

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This extravagancy of Jack Coulson has stunned as I was not expecting such kind of things from a decent actor like him. I need to get help of for my resume. He should be ashamed on how he is spending his actual money.
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