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Tiger Visits Merion
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/30/13
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If you're among those who anxiously and breathlessly await news of Tuesday's practice round at Merion Golf Club by Lindsey Vonn's boyfriend, fret no more. SI's Michael Bamberger has the juicy details of the on-course scouting done by Tiger Woods and his caddie, Joe LaCava:
"LaCava walked the course on Monday night and surely discovered what other players and caddies have found out about Merion, a par-70 that measures just under 7,000 yards: Only two or three holes demand driver off the tee. The rough is absolutely punishing, and there is no real graduated rough. If you miss a fairway, you're in deep, wet lush grass from which there are few options. As for the greens, they are as tricky as greens anywhere, much smaller than Augusta's but with wicked movement, even within six feet of the hole. The greens, the rough and the bunkering are the course's defense."
To be fair, the U.S. Open is only the national championship and Woods, like most pros, has always scouted each year's major championship venues in advance. As a bonus, Woods played in the rain on Tuesday, so he has some idea of how tough the course will play if weather conditions are less than ideal.

Would anyone like to bet against him?

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