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He Was "Eger" To Help The Rules Officials
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/1/13
We've heard and read about the episodes of TV viewers calling the PGA Tour during their various events with claims of rules violations. But perhaps the most celebrated "penalty call" in recent memory involves the illegal drop by Tiger Woods at 15 during the second round of the Masters Tournament. Now we know who "phoned home" in this case.

As reported by Michael Bamberger, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Champions Tour player David Eger had the eagle eye:
"I could see there was a divot -- not a divot, a divot hole -- when he played the shot the second time that was not there the first time," Eger said. "I played it again and again. I could see that the fairway was spotless the first time he played the shot and there was that divot hole, maybe three or four feet in front of where he played after the drop."
Eger is, according to Bamberger, an experienced tournament official and called him "an expert on the rules." Bamberger also says that Eger's telephone also saved Woods from disqualification, citing former USGA president Fred Ridley's incorrect rules interpretation, followed by the invocation of Rule 33-7.

Bamberger's story may not make it to PBS' American Mystery!, but his article is surprisingly detailed and includes the actions and reactions of nearly all of the dramatis personæ. We hope you'll take a moment to read it.

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kevinwschick says:
In all sports, there are players, there are officials, and there are spectators. Televised Golf has violated that premise, but only for those players that are under the scrutiny of cameras. The good news, Football is just around the corner so soon I won't have to deal with the bullsh** of a David Eger!
tsheaffer23 says:
Eger did save Woods from a DQ, but this is one facet of golf I'd love to see go away, the call in from a viewer/fan of a rules violation.
Let the spectators view and the players and officials rule, period.
mixsun says:
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