Tim Finchem: ban not in "best interest of golf or the PGA Tour"
By mustang6560 on 2/25/13
Like the PGA of America and the Golf Course Owners Association, the PGA Tour announced yesterday it opposes the proposed ban on anchored putting.
Finchem said the TOUR didn't come to its decision without considerable consultation with its player advisory council and board of directors, as well as meetings with USGA officials to discuss the reasoning behind the proposal.

The key factors in the decision were the lack of evidence to support the contention that anchoring provides a competitive advantage, as well as the length of time the practice has been allowed -- and previously approved on two different occasions.

"Essentially where the PGA TOUR came down was that they did not think that banning anchoring was in the best interest of golf or the PGA TOUR," Finchem said, adding that both the PGA of America and the Golf Course Owners Association came to the same conclusion.

"I think there are a number of factors here ... but I think the essential thread that went through the thinking of the players and our board of directors and others that looked at this was that in the absence of data or any basis to conclude that there is a competitive advantage to be gained by using anchoring, and given the amount of time that anchoring has been in the game, that there was no overriding reason to go down that road."
And the heavy-weight bout continues!

The USGA and R&A landed vicious blows last November when they announced Rule 14-1b. Since then, the PGA of America and PGA Tour have each landed equally devastating blows by opposing it. But, Tim wants everyone who is following the drama to know the disagreement is not a "donnybrook".
"I felt like it was important to speak to that and make sure that we understood that this is part of a process at this point," Finchem said. "There's no reason to assume that everybody is going to go down different paths. I just want to try to calm that sense down. I think we ought to be able to have a discussion about this and come to conclusions without negativity."
Now we wait. The 90-comment period ends this week. Then it will be the ruling bodies turn to respond. Will they drop the proposed ban? Or will they continue full steam ahead and force the PGA Tour and PGA of America to do something drastic like institute local rules to permit anchored putting? The ramifications of their decision could be felt for years to come. Let's hope this doesn't turn into a measuring contest.

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sammymac says:
The R&A and the USGA have stated that it is the swing that counts and not the surmised benefit from anchoring the club. I agree that anchoring should be banned, no matter how long it has been allowed to happen.
himanshi says:
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tegan34 says:
I think Tim Finchem and I are on the same page about now banning the PGA Tour. I read uk assignments review so as to get good writer for my essay assignments. Every one must oppose the ban of the PGA Tour since it is not in the interest of nobody as well as it will spoil the fame of this game.
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