They probably should have nipped it in the bud many, many years ago"
By mustang6560 on 11/14/12
Graeme McDowell revealed some interesting information yesterday about the future of long putters. According to the Ulsterman, USGA Executive Director Mike Davis said the ruling body has statistical evidence that shows anchoring gives a player a competitive advantage in pressure situations.
"They're convinced the research has shown that under pressure on a Sunday afternoon the long putter just kind of takes one extraneous movement out of the putting stroke," McDowell said at Kingston Heath.

"It just makes it physically easier to stroke the putter when the nerves are there (and) I think we should be levelling the playing field (by banning it).

"I think it's probably something they're disappointed in themselves that it's got to this point. They probably should have nipped it in the bud many, many years ago."
If Graeme is telling the truth (and why wouldn't he be?), then Keegan Bradley, Ernie Els, Adam Scott, and all of the players who wield long putters should go ahead and start the transition to a traditional length putter. If the ruling bodies can prove (or a least claim) a player gains a statistical advantage by anchoring his putter, then the fight is all but officially over.

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scottishguyiniowa says:
I've always believed that improving a putter is not the issue with the improvements in technology in the game. Its the improvements in the driver that are the major problem. Yes I have upgraded to one of these 'longer' drivers but when I first started it was with a persimmon head. They are getting so long now that older courses have become obsolete for the tour players.
Yes putting is a huge proportion of the game, as Lee Trevino said "Drive for show and putt for dough", but we have lost a lot of older players due to their 'nerves' no longer being able to handle putting with a traditional putter. They should have the right to use these putters to become competitive again.
calvin007 says:
If long putters were that good then every tournament pro would use one - and they dont. Long putters work for SOME people - not everyone. I agree with the previous comment - people should pay more attention to the other game improvement clubs that have taken the purity out of the game. I play off an average 13 handicap but can still be there or therabouts on most par 5 holes with my Ping G20s. I have also won 2 competition on 7000 yard courses this year only hitting a 3 wood off the tee. Long putters are a red herring - and to answer the inevitable question - yes I use one and I keep stats - I have gone from an average of 2.2 putts per hole to 1.86 - not earth shattering.
JSGDowney says:
Not sure how Calvin007 can describe "I have gone from an average of 2.2 putts per hole to 1.86" as not earth shattering. That equated to 6.12 shots per 18 holes- that I woudl describe as earthshattering
calvin007 says:
Dear JSGD - what is earthshattering is the ability to play on and win on 7000 yard courses without a driver and off a 13 handicap. I have played golf for over 30 years now and the advances in club and ball technology in the last 5 years have been phenominal. At my old club we used to have a "vintage" day where we pulled out the old persimmon headed drivers and old clubs and played a competition with them. Fairly puckers you up when your struggling to hit a drive 200 yards when I can clunk one out 260 with my G20 3 wood. Great memories though.
ally1957 says:
sounds like bandit country to me
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