"Guys out here play really slow, and they're not going to speed up"
By mustang6560 on 10/17/12
The pace of play on the PGA Tour is slow and it's only going to get slower. And according to Dustin Johnson, the only way to handle the frustration is to slow down his pace.
"Guys out here play really slow, and they're not going to speed up," Johnson said. "I can be miserable, play fast all day and wait, or I can slow down a bit, which can't hurt."

Johnson is still quick, and much quicker than most. He takes a little more time when he gets to the ball, waits a few seconds to pull the club from the bag. And he's taking more time on the green, looking at putts from multiple sides of the hole.

But that's what golf has come to in this generation. Instead of the faster players bringing everyone else up to speed, they have to downshift.
If the PGA Tour doesn't start penalizing slow play and players like Dustin Johnson start playing slower in order to not go crazy, then the pace of play will only continue to slow down, which is an unfortunate reality.

I recently played with a group of older gentleman and our group of four was back in the 19th Hole after three hours — and according to one of them, we played "slow". I'm really glad I played with them though because it showed me that you don't have to play a four or five hour round of golf to score well. I shot 81 playing with them, which tied my personal best!

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