Reactions to Fred Couples Hall of Fame selection
By mustang6560 on 9/21/12
As a member of the PGA Tour, Fred Couples notched 15 wins including one major ('92 Masters). As a member of the Champions Tour, he's won eight times (and counting) including two majors ('11 Senior Players and '12 British). In total, Freddie has amassed 55 professional victories since turning professional in 1980. And as a result of his successful career, he was elected into the World Golf Hall of Fame Wednesday.

Following the announcement, opinions on Freddie's selection started pouring in and they're not very good. The majority of opinionist agree that Fred Couples is a good player. But, he's not a great player, and the Hall of Fame should be reserved for the great players.
Michael Bamberger wrote:
For starters, it's not Fred's fault that he got voted into the Hall of Fame. Fred Couples didn't put his name on the ballot. He didn't petition anybody to get in. He's never made a claim to being a great player. A good player, yes. That's what he accurately calls himself.

He's more than that, really. He is a unique talent, whose ability to smash a golf ball with disguised effortlessness has caused grown men to idolize him. But a Hall of Famer? No, not in my opinion. Not yet, anyway.
Bob Harig wrote:
The World Golf Hall of Fame had an easy out. The shrine to the history of the game based in St. Augustine, Fla., could have simply had a ceremony next spring in which it inducted no player off the PGA Tour ballot. Celebrate the international players who make it, or a veteran honoree.

But because there is language that stipulates if no player receives at least 65 percent of the vote, the Hall will take someone who has at least 50 percent, Fred Couples is headed to the Hall next spring.

And in the process, Hall voters look silly.
Jeff Rude wrote:
No offense to Fred, whom I like, but someone getting in with 15 victories and one major does lower the previous unwritten benchmark, yes. Couples, though, does get extra points for having been a television and gate attraction for years.

Expect more lowering of standards, particularly after Tiger Woods gets in after turning 40 in four years. At the moment, there aren’t many players with a pile of victories who will turn 40 any time soon.

Sadly, if we keep this up, pretty soon Craig Stadler with 13 wins and a major will represent the new bar.
But, not everyone was against the Hall of Fame's decision to elect Freddie.
Jason Sobel wrote:
There was mild outrage in some circles when it was announced Wednesday that Fred Couples will become the newest inductee into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Not from me. I voted for the guy. In my opinion, Freddie's impact on the game transcended his statistical record. His presence brought more fans to tournaments and in turn helped to grow the game.

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jonterrell says:
Fred deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Consider what he has done in the game of golf. Think about what he has done for the game of golf. He is a real talent that sometimes he is just magic on the course. He makes the game look so easy. I think that his record on it's own is good enough for the World Golf Hall of Fame. Plus the people he has brought into the game has to mean something on it's own. I say he is a very good player that if not for his back he would have won maybe 15 more times with maybe 3 or 4 more majors, yes he more than deserves to be in the Hall.
dfbertsch says:
I agree.. . . He is my idol, and I'm 20 years older than him.
mmwoodall says:
I am a Freddie Fan and I believe he is very deserving of the induction. Like others, I believe he has brought numerous people to the game and has always been a great ambassador. It is called the World Golf Hall of fame, if we are allowing individuals from the LPGA and the European PGA to be in the Hall, then we must count the victories from both the PGA and the Senior PGA (23, with 3 Majors)(Tom Kite only had 18 PGA tour victories)maybe that helps the Nay Sayers to swallow this deserving Nod. That is my .02
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