Watch Tiger Woods look like an amateur
By mustang6560 on 1/17/13
Who stayed up late last night to watch Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, the current world numbers one and two, respectively, struggle in their 2013 debuts?

I expected Rory to struggle since he replaced all 14 clubs in his bag since last season, however, I was surprised to see Tiger struggle as much as he did. He did manage to get around the course in an even-par 72 but not before he topped his driver on hole 1, his 10th of the day. His ball finished well short of the fairway, which isn't something you expect to see from a professional golfer — let alone Tiger.

But, he did manage to best Rory by three strokes (I guess Tiger was right). Rory shot 3-over-par 75 including two double bogeys. The low light of his round came on his approach shot on the par-5 18th. Rory snap-hooked the mess out of his fairway wood, which was eerily similar to his snap hook at the 10th on Sunday at The Masters two years ago.

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ally1957 says:
Strande how both nike's top golfers both manage to miss the cut in the same european pga tournament would be nice to see their diary for this weekend or when they left abu dabi
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