First Ever Female Member At Augusta National?
By mustang6560 on 3/28/12
Augusta National Golf Club, the site of the Masters, is in a precarious situation.

In its 80 year history, the club, which was founded by Bobby Jones in the 1930s, has never extended a membership to a woman. However, the new CEO of IBM, one of Augusta's three sponsors, is a woman and the club has historically invited the top executive of IBM to be a member.
Will International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)’s Ginni Rometty be able to wear a green jacket at the Masters Tournament?

As Augusta National Golf Club prepares to host the competition next week, it faces a quandary: The club hasn’t admitted a woman as a member since its founding eight decades ago, yet it has historically invited the chief executive officer of IBM, one of three Masters sponsors. Since the company named Rometty to the post this year, Augusta will have to break tradition either way.
To be honest, I am surprised Augusta National is still a man's-only club. I understand it's a private club and private clubs can set their own eligibility requirements, but I can't believe the leadership at Augusta has not caved to the pressures of society to open its doors to female members.

I'll be interested to see what transpires next week in regards to the new CEO of IBM. Will she or won't she be spotted in a green jacket? I'm sure whatever the decision is, Augusta will do its best to keep it under lock and key, though.

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psychodad says:
Arrogant knobbers no wonder golf is seen as an elitist sport, full of silly old men who thiink they are better than others, money makes them fools,shame on them!!
psychodad says:
Not watching the master as this place is full of sexist old gits who are living in the 18th century, Shame on the USA to allow this, they would be prosecuted in the UK
johnwb12 says:
You had better get your facts right Psychodad we have clubs in UK with no women members so no they would not be prosecuted in UK. I dont agree with banning women but we are still the same in some areas in UK.
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