Attack of the Golf Ball Retriever!
By mustang6560 on 3/1/12
Shalimar Pointe Country Club is a sleepy golf course located in the middle of the Florida panhandle. It's a great place for retired golfers to play retired golf 365 days a year.

So when a foursome of elderly gentlemen heard the loud ringing of an air horn coming from the woods, naturally they investigated. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to potentially find new golf balls, two of the men took their ball retrievers with them (you never know, right?). Little did they know that their favorite club in their bag would soon be used as a weapon against young pranksters!

That's right, the elderly gentlemen discovered the teenage vagrant who was blowing the air horn. In an effort to impart some of their old-timey wisdom on the youngsters, they began hitting the teenager with their retrievers. Luckily, for your viewing pleasure, the whole thing was caught on camera and promptly uploaded to YouTube.

Even though nobody really suffered any harm, the two elderly men were arrested.

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h/t guyism

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