My Favorite Products From PGA Show
By mustang6560 on 1/30/12
I can’t believe the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show is already a thing of the past. It seems like just yesterday I was getting ready to head to Orlando for the largest golf expo in the world. I want to reiterate my thanks to everyone who tuned into our coverage of Demo Day and the first two days of the Show. I had a great time being able to share the latest and greatest products with you guys. If you missed any of the action or if you just want to relive the experience, then you can catch the live blogs here, here and here.

In the three days I spent covering the Show, I saw hundreds and hundreds of golf products. Some seemed useful, while others seemed useless. But, I can't go through all of them so I compiled a list of the products that stood out to me at the PGA Show (they are in no particular order). Enjoy!

  • Bag Boy TriSwivle Push Cart: Bag Boy raised the bar in the push cart category with its new TriSwivle Push Cart. Unlike all of the other push carts on the market, the front wheel on the TriSwivle rotates a full 360 degrees to make maneuvering on the golf course easy. But, you can also lock it in place if you don't want it to rotate. I walk nearly every round using a push cart and the only way to turn quickly (either side to side or around completely) is to push the handle down (lifting the majority of the weight of your bag) and pivot around the back two tires. With the new TriSwivle, you can simply just turn and the front wheel will do all of the work for you. Learn More

  • Sunice Silver Polo Collection: One of my biggest pet peeves with performance golf polos is they often stick to you because of the static electricity created when you put them on. But, not the new Silver Polo Collection by Sunice. The new Silver Polo Collection uses X-static fabric (the same fabric used in yoga apparel), which has silver thread woven into it. The silver provides several benefits including it helps regulate temperature to keep you cooler in warm weather and warmer cool weather and it helps eliminate electrostatic charges. Learn More

  • Eagle Eye Sunglasses: The Eagle Eye Glasses may look a little goofy, but I plan to practice with them. One lens is covered up so you can only see out of one eye - your dominant eye. The glasses are supposed to help you develop muscle memory to keep your eyes on the ball during your backswing and until you make contact with the ball. At first, I laughed at the Eagle Eye glasses because they look more appropriate for a Halloween costume than for a driving range. However, I gave them a try and realized right away that I don't keep my eye on the ball during my backswing.

  • SwingPerfect: The coolest training aid I saw at the Show was definitely SwingPerfect. SwingPerfect is a small gyroscope that fits just below your golf grip that’s designed to give you instant feedback about your golf swing. Any time your swing gets off plane or you open or close the club face too much along the way, the device vibrates until you correct your error. SwingPerfect is designed for golfers of all ages and abilities and easily attaches to any club in your bag. Learn More

  • Polara Golf Balls: I was really impressed with the Polara golf balls. I definitely did not expect to be able to see a difference between a regular golf ball and a Polara golf ball. Yet, the self correcting golf ball did fly straighter. The secret is the dimple pattern. I wouldn't be surprised to see more golfers playing Polara golf balls in the near future. Yes, it's true the Polara golf balls are non conforming but I don't think that fact will bother the majority of golfers. Learn More

  • PX3 Mouthwear: It’s normal to see football or basketball players wear a mouth guard during play, but it’s not something you see much, or ever, on the golf course. Well, that may change in the near thanks to the PX3 Mouth Guard. The PX3 is supposed to adjust your jaw position in order to enhance your airway alignment, which in turn will help your performance on the golf course. I was definitely skeptical about the product until one of the guys in the PX3 booth at Demo Day did an experiment to prove its effectiveness. I don’t foresee recreational or occasional golfers wearing mouth guards, however, I can totally see serious golfers buying into the idea of the PX3. Learn More

  • OGIO Chamber Cart Bag: With the new OGIO Chamber Cart Bag, you no longer have to worry about your clubs moving around in your bag. Each club slot features a membrane level in the top and bottom to prevent your clubs from making noise and/or potentially getting damaged. And don’t worry, it’s still easy to insert or remove a club from the bag. At the Show, OGIO had the Chamber on display upside down to promote the new feature. Learn More

  • Kent Wool 19th Hole Socks: Bubba Watson, along with a handful of other top golfers, wear Kent Wool golf socks because of its comfort and durability. The company recently launched a new collection called the 19th Hole to provide the comfort you expect on the course with a look you can feel good about after the final putt drops. If you want/need a performance sock that can double as a dress sock, then look no further. Learn More

  • Boccieri Golf Grips: As the maker of the “Heavy” line of golf equipment, Boccieri Golf knows a thing or two about the benefits of back weighting. And the company also knows a lot of golfers are brand loyal and are hesitate to switch. So in order to give the all golfers the ability to benefit from back weighting, Boccieri created the Secret Grip, which can be installed on any golf club. The Secret Grip features a weight in the butt of the grip to move the balance point of any club further up the shaft to promote better body mechanics, which Boccieri Golf says will help the average golfer improve consistency, control and distance. Learn More

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penright says:
At the Show, did SkyGolf announce PinPoints for the SGXw as now being available, or that SmartClub Technology is now in development for the SGXw?
CaddieHack says:
PinPoint technology for the SGXw was featured at the SkyGolf booth during the show, and is now available with an Application update to the SGXw which you can get from an USB sync with CaddieSync Express.
enamul7889 says:
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