What Is Your Favorite Golf Memory of 2011?
By mustang6560 on 12/30/11
The year of the rabbit is a mere day and a half away from the permanent grasp of history. It's been a good year, by and large, and I look forward to what's in store in the year of the dragon.

For the last week, the Net has been inundated with articles about the "best of this in 2011" and the "most popular of that in 2011". And even though I'm starting to get bored with all the year end stories, I can't resist the temptation to run an end of year story on oob. But, instead of giving you a top 9 list of my favorite golf memories of 2011 or asking you to list your favorite golf tweets of the year, I'll keep it simple:

What is your favorite golf memory of 2011?

It can be any golf related story. It can be related to the PGA Tour or Tiger Woods or belly putters, or it can be about you and/or your friends. My favorite golf memory of the year is I recorded my first ace AND I got to witness my younger brother record his first ace earlier this month.

See you next year!

photo by Mykl Roventine

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B00mer says:
My best golfing memory of 2011 - In January I played in the 3rd round of the Volvo Champion of Champions in Bahrain. I was the amateur partnered with Paul Casey and Darren Clarke. Best 2 scores from 3. I was very nervous playing with them, but they were brilliant with me. I can still remember every detail of that 18 holes. This had never been done before as it was in the middle (after the cut) of a professional tournament.
I played pretty good and added 5 birdies to the team score. We won at 16 under par. Paul and Darren won a car each and I won a vase! But nothing can compare to that 'money can't buy' experience.
bigmo4242 says:
My best golf memory from 2011 is winning a Golf Channel Amatuer event. I am a 14 handicap and was playing in the Sarazen Flight. I struggled down the streach and thought that I might have lost my chance at victory but was able to squeak by two guys to win by one stroke and finish with a 85.
tukwila says:
My best is joining another golf club and meeting new golfers. The OGA (Oregon Golf Course)@ Tukwila in Woodburn Or is a wonderful track to play, the members are very happy to have a new member and have fun in the monthly tournaments.
We have low handicappers, mid handicappers and high handicappers. All wanting to win but pulling for their competitor if he/she is having a good round. So much comadare' and happiness.
Hittem long and put it in the hole.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tsheaffer23 says:
So many great memories to chose from to include some fantastic weather, courses and playing with many old and new friends. My favorite moment would have to be being fortunate enough to record a double eagle on August 21, 2011. 490 yard Par 5, Driver then a 7 wood. What happened really didn't hit me until days later when I researched the rarity that occured. I am a very luck man in more ways than one and would like to wish all a very Safe and Happy New Year.
jpbellis says:
The first eagle of my life and on the same day dropping to single digits handicap :)
tm1221 says:
I played in a local city tournament this year. My goal was to make the cut in my flight and play in the final round. I accomplished that and started the final day 6 strokes off the lead. I was able to make a run at the leader and wound up finishing second two strokes off the pace.
roody16 says:
Shooting a career-low even par 72. Felt great to finally be able to say that I shot even. 4 birdies, 4 bogies that day.
clayton24 says:
After having knee surgery in April I place 2nd in my tour championship in September. Looking forward to having a good Year this Year. The game is looking good.
aitky1 says:
winning the belheaven scottish club h/cap championship at the fairmount st andrews
ghaasl says:
Playing a lot of golf in 2011, I got markedly better. My favorite golf memory of 2011 was winning a $500 TaylorMade gift card (for registering my clubs online) and finally being able to get a top of the line driver. I used my R11 to help me shoot my best scores of the season, and to be able to drive the ball more consistantly. Shorting a 5 foot eagle putt sticks in my craw, but the tap in birdie was satisfying.
gr8caldwells says:
Played with my best friend on his last round before cancer claimed him. He never complained during this time, I only hope to honor his memory by being a better man, rest in peace Norman DeMeyer.
Charleses says:
After playing this game for fifty years, I finally got my first hole-in-one. It was during a tournament and won $10,000 to boot!
lindsaya says:
Winning twice on the AGA Tour in Atlanta was pretty good. Got handicap index down to lowest ever of 14.9. Played Montrose Links in Scotland - fifth oldest course in the world.
boarclose says:
Going to The Open on the friday,we were lucky with the weather,and to see Darren,and Sergio was great,my first time seeing the pro's live.
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