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By mustang6560 on 11/10/11
Never Have I Ever, like golf, is a game played by gentlemen. And just like golf, Never Have I Ever requires its players to be honest and act with integrity. So now's the time to clean out the skeleton's in your golf closet and answer this week's question.

Thanks to Brian "bkuehn1952" Keuhn for submitting this week's question.

Never have I ever found a golf club on the course and NOT returned it.

Another good one from my man bkuehn1952! And thankfully, I can answer in the negative. To be honest, I don't find many stray golf clubs on the course. On rare occasions I'll find a wedge near the green but the person who left it usually realizes right away.

I can't wait to read the responses on this one. I'm willing to bet there is someone out there who "forgot" to turn in that Scotty Cameron putter...

photo by Leftism/Phill

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Pschepp says:
I've always turned clubs in, but more importantly, I've ben notorius for leaving clubs behind, but everyone has been returned. It does help being a lefty and not to many people being able to use my clubs.
RBuhrman says:
there is some company that advertises in the back of most golf magazines, and he sells decals with which you can mark each club with your name and phone number. Most of my clubs aren't ones that people would want to steal anyhow, but I've picked up putters left on name tag....the owner on the next tee totally unaware that he left it.
fheisty says:
I never found a putter better than the one I have!
el_pato_real says:
I accidentally kept a club I found on a local muni...I got home and realized that I had this graphite shafted PW that had to belong to a female or a junior. I took it to the course a few days later, so I don't know if I can answer the question in the negative or positive.
tukwila says:
I have found a few clubs and turned them in, but the one that hurts is the Pingeye 11 60% I had left on #18 @ Longview Country Club in Longview, Wa about 15 years ago and no one turned it in. I went back three times within a month and was not returned to me.
Keep swinging and have fun golfing
peter rodriguez says:
I have left quite a few clubs among them a 60 Cleveland wedge and no one ever returned my clubs. I play mostly private and they have been bending the rules when clubs are good quality. Only thing I have ever recover are headcovers.
K Bucchan says:
Snowmang7t7 says:
The better the course is increases your chances of getting a club back. I know this from experience.
reggieanderson says:
I've often picked up clubs left behind and either gave it back to the person back tracing their steps or else turned them in at the clubhouse when I've finished my round. (This also includes covers.) I myself was VERY appreciative when someone turned my favorite sand wedge in at the clubhouse when I left it behind at a green.
Benjamin says:
Once upon a time, I was living in Atlanta, Ga. and gave a set of old clubs to my brother-in-law who lived in Vt. They had the labels described above. 2 years later I recieved a package from Vt. returning my lost club. I sent it back to my B. in L. who thanked his neighbor across the street.
pqct01 says:
Like most here, clubs that I've found are usually retrieved by the owners within a hole or 2...when they realize its missing. I must say though, that there were a few I wouldn't mind keeping but didn't. I think there was only one club that actually made it to the clubhouse to be turned in....all others were claimed on the course.
gurth brooks says:
its more difficult to find you're club when it's in someone else's cart i just leave it there they'll find
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