Never Have I Ever...
By mustang6560 on 10/27/11
Never Have I Ever, like golf, is a game played by gentlemen. And just like golf, Never Have I Ever requires its players to be honest and act with integrity. So now's the time to clean out the skeleton's in your golf closet and answer this week's question.

Thanks to reader Brian Keuhn for submitting this week's Never Have I Ever question.

Never have I ever lied about my handicap.

Oh, great question! I've never lied per se about my handicap, but I have rounded down before in mixed company (scratch golfers and such). I've also given the range too, like "Oh, I'm a 12-15 handicap". I'm not sure if that counts as lying, but it's borderline so I guess I have answer in the affirmative. Yes, I've lied about my handicap...

What you say?

photo by susivinh

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Richard Clemmons says:
I provide the number printed on my handicap label, whatever it is. I'm not a very consistent player, so the number varies a bit, but that's the number I use. So no, I don't lie about my handicap, and I don't sandbag (which would probably have been a better question) :).

VinnyRM says:
When I wasn't a member at a private club I used to make up my handicap, not to cheat, I always gave a true reflection of what I considered my ability...and most of the time it was there or thereabouts.
Now I have an official handicap I would NEVER ever lie about it, it's part of the integrity of the game isn't it?
I mean, if you are going to stand on the first tee....and lie before you have even hit a ball...why are you there???
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