Never Have I Ever...
By mustang6560 on 10/19/11
"Never Have I Ever" is a popular game college kids play on the weekend over a few choice beverages to have some fun. The object of the game is to ask your friends potentially embarrassing and revealing questions and get them to admit to their behavior in front of the group.

People play by different rules, but standard practice is everyone starts a game of Never Have I Ever with five fingers in the air and you put a finger down each time you answer the question in the affirmative. For example, "Never have I ever ran a red light". If you have ever run a red light, you put a finger down. The last person to have a finger(s) up wins!

Now that you know how the game works, let's have some fun. I parlayed a golf version of Never Have I Ever for Daily Links so we all could get to know each other a little better. Today's question is ...

"Never have I ever used a 'foot wedge' to improve my position during a competitive round of golf".

I'm using the word "competitive" loosely here. Using a foot wedge during a practice round or an out of season round is acceptable. But, what I'm really trying to find out is have you ever used the infamous foot wedge during a round where you're playing by the rules so a foot wedge would be deemed illegal?

Don't be shy, we won't judge you ... OK, maybe we will, but it's all in good fun!

Got an idea for a future "Never Have I Ever" question, email me here.

photo by Drew Coffman

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scottishguyiniowa says:
Never EVER for myself but I have used it for beginners learning to play the game who were up against a tree for example. I do also explain though that in competition that relief from an unplayable lie would be under penalty so they are learning the rules as well.
jch5600 says:
I have the strange compunction to help others in this way. When searching for a fellow player's errant ball, I will pick up the ball to properly identify it and then replace it with some care to improve the lie. Only then do I shout "Over here!"
paddyhibernian says:
"I'm using the word "competitive" loosely here. Using a foot wedge during a practice round or an out of season round is acceptable."

Totally disagree. To use the leather wedge in any situation other than teaching is totally unacceptable. We have a member at one of my clubs who no longer differentiate between a bounce game and a competition because he has rarely been challenged by his playing partners. He is now the most vilified cheat at the club. If you cheat at golf you cheat in life. As to replacing another players ball in a preferable lie, you are doing them no favour and if you do it in competition you are not only cheating all the other competitors but are deemed to have cheated yourself and are therefore subject to disqualification.
Pschepp says:
Never, have. For the sake of not slowing play during practice or "just for fun" rounds, I have taken drops where I should take stroke and distance. But in those rounds I couldn't even tell you my score, as I tend to keep track of the shots I played.
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