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By mustang6560 on 8/3/11
Maybe you can help me settle my Tiger Woods conundrum - should I root for him or against him?

Since Tiger Woods returned to golf at the '10 Masters, I found myself rooting against him. I felt he needed to eat his share of humble pie until he was more than full. When he practically finished last at the WGC-Bridgestone last year, I smiled. When Graeme McDowell made a Sunday run to beat Tiger at his own tournament, the Chevron World Challenge, I laughed. But, now I find myself wanting to root for him.

I don't think Tiger will ever be able to fully grasp the concept of "emotions" and "feelings", but he's suffered enough in my opinion. I'm not sure I'm ready to actively root FOR him, but I at least won't root AGAINST him. If he wins, good. If he doesn't, fine. Either way, I'll be watching because Tiger makes golf fun.

I thought I'd help you guys out by letting you know where you can watch him too. I also included where you can fine live coverage online so you can follow all the golf (cough, cough), I mean work on Thursday and Friday.

Live Coverage

Thursday: The Golf Channel, 2-6 PM EST

Friday: The Golf Channel, 2-6 PM EST

Saturday: CBS, 2-6 PM EST

Sunday: CBS, 2-6 PM EST

Live Stream

Thursday: Live@, 1-6 PM EST

Friday: Live@, 1-6 PM EST

Saturday: Live@, 1-6 PM EST

Sunday: Live@, 1-6 PM EST

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el_pato_real says:
Tiger's personal problems make him a less than sympathetic character. However, a small part of my is pulling for him. When he came along in '97, I rooted against him. I saw him as a villain because he was so confident and commanding out there on the course that it seemed arrogant. I hated him for winning when Els was playing good enough to win. Now, I kind of see the younger guys the way I saw Tiger. I see him as the grizzled veteran with something to prove to the young guns.

I still don't like him, but I'm not openly rooting against him any more.
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