LPGA Adds Fifth Major
By mustang6560 on 7/20/11
The LPGA announced today that the Evian Masters will become the tours fifth major in 2013.

The tournament will move from July to September and the name will be shorten to The Evian.
"Evian has stepped up to make a huge statement for women's golf worldwide with The Evian," Commissioner Whan said in his opening remarks. "From the very beginning, Franck Riboud made it clear to the LPGA, and more recently to me, that his vision was to celebrate the absolute best female golfers in the world, in one of the absolute best locations in the world, and today he has confirmed that promise with The Evian."
I know what you're thinking, does adding a fifth major to the LPGA Tour hurt its credibility? The answer is no.

The Champions Tour currently has five majors and it is doing just fine. Heck, some even argue the PGA Tour should adopt The Players as its fifth major.

The LPGA Tour will NEVER be the PGA Tour so it doesn't need to feel compelled to follow the same business model. The LPGA needs to do what works for its players and its fans. I think adding The Evian as the fifth major is a good thing because it will add more money to the pot and it will attract more interest - a major tournament is always generates more buzz than a regular season event.

The tournament agreed to a redesign of the Evian Golf Club to toughen it up so it will play like a "majors" course. The redesign will begin immediately after the conclusion of this year's Evian Masters Sunday.

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