Rory McIlroy's Not Scared of Tiger Woods
By mustang6560 on 7/1/11
Anyone catch Rory McIlroy on Piers Morgan last night?

I didn't watch Piers show last night, but I did see this clip of Rory talking about Tiger Woods. Now that Rory is a big shot and all, he's going to be all over the news for the foreseeable future.

I hope for Rory's sake, he doesn't have to answer questions about Tiger every time he has an interview with someone in the media because eventually, he's going to end up sticking his foot in his mouth. Tiger is going to play again, he might not be the same player but he still has game left in him.

It's easy to say you're not scared of Tiger Woods when Tiger hasn't been playing lately. Wait until you're paired with him on Sunday at The Masters and then tell me if you're scared.


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