Golf Digest Published the Golf Executive Salary List
By mustang6560 on 6/29/11
Golf Digest just published the salaries of golf's top executives from 2009 and I must say, I was surprised to see how much PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem makes.

In total, Tim made $5,130,504 in 2009. If the PGA Tour's payroll operates like oobgolf and pays its employees every other week, then each paycheck he receives is for $197,327.07. That's many times more than my annual salary rolled into one paycheck! Holy cow!

None of the other executive salaries seem unreasonable to me, though. An executive making six and seven figure salaries is pretty common and I think it's justified considering how much value a good executive brings to a company.

What's odd though is the next closest person to Tim in terms of money is Ed Moorhouse, who gets paid nearly $4 millions less per year. How is Tim so much more valuable than the rest of his top executives?

While Tim's salary seems like a lot, it's nothing compared to the other major sports in the USA. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig makes $18.3 million, the NFL's Roger Goodell makes $10.9 million, the NBA's David Stern makes $10 million and the NHL's Gary Bettman is the lowest paid commissioner of the four majors sports at $7.2 million. Sounds like Selig's salary is on steroids - ZING!

All I know is a future in the golf business is worth big money. Heck, Tim could keep the first number of his salary and I'd settle for the remaining six - $130k is nice money!

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