John Boehner Accepts President Obama's Golf Invitation
By mustang6560 on 6/7/11
President Barack Obama invited House Speaker John Boehner to play golf June 18 and he accepted! Finally, we'll be able to see the Republican vs. Democrat grudge match we've been waiting for since Boehner said he'd like to play golf with the president. wrote an in-depth article on Obama's golf and noted that this golf outing is important for two reasons. First, Obama's golf group is very exclusive. He typically golfs with the same three people each week (White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, former campaign photographer David Katz and aide Ben Finkenbinder. Second, it will mark the first time Obama has golfed with a sitting member of Congress.
House Speaker John Boehner has broken into one of the most exclusive groups in Washington — the small circle of old friends and administration officials President Barack Obama has invited for a round of golf.

Boehner, who sports a fairway tan and an 8 handicap, will tee off with Obama June 18 — marking one of the only times the leader of the free world will have played with a Republican or a fellow elected official and the first time he will have played with a sitting member of Congress.
It would be awesome if we could somehow get Obama and Boehner to LIVE SCORE here on oobgolf during their round. If we could get them to do so, I'm sure the website would blow up!

According to Golf Digest's Washington's Best Golfers, Obama is a 17 handicap and Boehner is a 7.9 handicap, which means if I was a betting man, I'd bet Obama is going to win. Obama will have a competitive edge considering he'll get several strokes AND he'll know the course backwards and forwards.

Who knows, the two men might solve some issues too. If they really wanted to raise the stakes of their match, instead of placing small monetary bets, they'd play for the economy, health care, etc.

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