France to Host 2018 Ryder Cup
By mustang6560 on 5/17/11
And the 2018 Ryder Cup goes to...Le Golf National in Paris. They beat out Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.
The decision ... is a real honor for our country, the French Golf Federation and all the public and private partners who have supported the bid," said Pascal Grizot, the head of the Ryder Cup commission at the French federation.

"Above all it is a huge accolade for all French golfers who have contributed to this project."
Andrew just got to work and I told him that France was selected as the host of the 2018 Ryder Cup and he said "I'm more interested in knowing the host of the 2018 US Open." It's weird that the future sites of the US Open have been announced through 2019, except 2018.

To help fund the event, every registered golfer in France has pledged to donate one euro. It's a good thing they didn't pledge a dollar or they'd have problems :)

I now have an excuse to visit Paris again. Sweet!

2018 Ryder Cup

photo by Ella Mullins

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