My First Hole in One
By mustang6560 on 5/12/11
I would like to say thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my finest golfing achievement to date. Who knew getting a hole in one would cause so much resentment?

I joined the hole in one club down in Sandestin, Florida over the weekend. The club is exclusive, but the membership does not discriminate against handicap or equipment manufacturer. But it is not open to everyone, only the select few who combine the right amount of luck and skill and are shined upon by the golfing gods at the absolute correct moment in time. Let it be known though, people who are as lucky as to be members will face resentment and ridicule from friends - mostly in a good way (mostly).

My round at The Links at Sandestin started off with a one-putt par save, but quickly took a turn for the worst. I hit my tee shot on hole 2 out of bounds, which led to a quadruple bogey. I managed to settle down a little on the next couple holes only to finish with a quadruple bogey, triple, double, bogey and par. The back started much better, I was only four over thru six holes when I got to hole 16.

I had honors heading into the short par 3, over water. I was playing The Links for the first time so having my SkyCaddie was clutch. As with all par 3s, it was simply a test of accuracy so knowing I had the best information available, I was able to swing with confidence. The pin was in the middle and my SkyCaddie said the front of the green was playing 131 and the middle was playing 139. I was hitting well that day so I grabbed the Niblick (9-iron) and headed to the tee box. The wind wasn't much of a factor. I lined up my shot and as I was standing over my ball, my friend Randy said "Hey, you want to place a side bet for the last three holes?" Knowing I was already up a few dollars and without moving, I replied "No thanks" and proceeded to start my takeaway.

The immediate reaction of the group was "Hurry up" - it looked like the ball might not make it over the water. The ball landed softly on the green and we had just enough of a vantage point to see it roll a few feet and then POOF, the ball disappeared. For those of you who think your reaction to a potential hole in one would be cheers of jubilation followed by some high fives and that's it, let me just say this, don't be surprised if your natural reaction is different.

My natural reaction, while some may say was poor etiquette, it was what came natural in the moment of an ace. I exploded out of my finishing pose as the ball disappeared on the green and sprinted the 140 yards to the green. My friend Bradley (who was only really playing golf for the camaraderie) jumped in the cart after me and he was there with my camera in hand to take pictures of me taking my ball out of the hole and of me kissing my ball.

I immediately called my brother to tell him about my feat. My brother and I grew up playing golf together (at LeFleur's Bluff, Northbay and Lake Caroline) with my other two buddies who were in my foursome, Randy and Drew. Through the years, we've shared many great memories on the course, so it was great to have them there to share the moment. The only thing that could have made my hole in one better was if my brother could have been there to witness it.

For the rest of the round, I was on cloud nine. Euphoria had set in and I had endorphins running throughout my entire body. I some how managed to finish bogey, par to finish the back nine with a 39. After I sank my par putt on 18, we proceeded to the clubhouse to register my hole in one. It was in the clubhouse that I was informed of the tradition of buying everyone in the clubhouse a beer. We met an older gentleman who was standing by the counter as I was registering my hole in one who told us. I did think he was pulling my leg so I immediately called Andrew. Before I could even ask about the tradition, he said "You better buy everyone in the clubhouse a beer". At this point, I was one Bloody Mary and four beers in, so what the heck was one more?

I am glad I got share my hole in one with ClubSG! I hope everyone gets to experience the feeling of an ace at least once in their life. The best part about getting a hole in one is now anytime someone tries to talk trash on the golf course, all I have to say is "I got a hole in one". Enough said.

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IWClassic8 says:
Gordon 1955 says:
My first hole in one was on a par 4 but at that time was not a member of a golf club and so could not buy a round! My second hole in one was when I played with my wife and son. We were playing a different course than normal and went to the bar afterwards to celebrate. It was a cheap round as the bar was deserted (mid week). Last weekend one of the women golfers had a hole in one during a competition. At the same time the senior section also had their normal mid week roll up. Suffice to say it was an expensive round!!!

Congratulations on your first hole in one - hope you have many more.
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