The Masters & Pimento Cheese Sandwich
By mustang6560 on 4/5/11
THE pimento cheese sandwich is as highly regarded at The Masters as Amen Corner, or so I'm told. This seemingly ordinary sandwich developed a reputation over the years because of its big taste and small price.

While it's hard to get tickets to The Masters, once you're in you won't feel like your getting violated at the concession stand.
If you hold one event at the same place for 75 years, you will build up a couple of traditions. And here at Augusta National, the oddest may be the pimento cheese sandwich, a signature item that's spoken of almost in the same hushed reverence as Amen Corner.

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The concession stands sell six different types of sandwiches, all of them internationally famous not just for their thrifty green nature (top price $2.50) but also for their dedication to Southern heritage. The egg salad (white label/gray print) and the pimento cheese (white label/yellow print) have been reviving patrons for years on end.
I'm not a huge fan of pimento cheese sandwiches, but for $1.50 I'll take two please! The Masters club (turkey, ham, and cheese) sounds good, though.

The modern sports fan is accustomed to getting the short end of the stick. On top of expensive tickets (that make you feel like you're watching the game from a different planet), fans are forced to pay three- and four-times over the fair market price for concessions. The Masters could get away with over charging for concessions. Yet they have kept everything very affordable.

Another cool thing I learned is that all of the concessions are wrapped in green wax paper. This way, on the odd chance someone litters (which doesn't happen at The Masters), the trash will blend in with the background. Only at The Masters!

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Green Ray Tom says:
Just saw this recipe on another blog, as well... $1.50 for this beautiful sandwich - sign me up!
I actually make a pimento cheese sandwich with a twist every year during the Master's Tourney. One of my favorite golf totems around!

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