A Clever April Fool's Joke?
By mustang6560 on 4/1/11
This wreaks of April Fool's:
Anything but par for the course, the conveyor belt is said to be the first of its kind by the golf club.

As is the case with many golf clubs a per centage of its 1,200 members are elderly and they are particularly pleased with the innovation.

But the 98ft-long walkway takes members to the summit of a 30ft hill between the first green and the second tee which had left even the younger members out of puff.
Despite the potential truth in this story, I cannot help but not accept this story today. If the author really wants me to believe this story, they will have to publish it again Monday.

I will admit, I definitely would not want to climb that hill under normal conditions. Walking up a hill, no matter how "in shape" I am, always makes me start to breath heavy. I don't want to have to catch my breath before hitting my tee shot.

For now, I'm reserving judgment on this story. I will decide on Monday if I believe this or not.

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xxShark says:
that's awesome. Now we need to get them installed all over the courses :o)
Seasider says:
I'm not too sure it was an April fool's joke - check out the golf club's website
mustang6560 says:
Yea, this does seem to be real.
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