PGA vs Nationwide Tour Season Ender
By mustang6560 on 3/22/11
The PGA Tour is discussing a possible structural change to the end of the season involving qualifying for both the PGA Tour and the Nationwide Tour.

The proposed idea is to pit struggling PGA Tour players against the best of the Nationwide Tour in a battle for next season's PGA Tour cards.
Under the preliminary plan, the top 125 on the FedEx Cup standings after the Wyndham Championship would advance to the playoffs and compete for $35 million in bonus money, with $10 million for the winner.

Those who don't make the top 125 would have the option of playing a series of three tournaments along with top Nationwide Tour players. Those tournaments also would have a points structure, and it would determine who gets PGA Tour cards the following season.

Among the numbers being mentioned for the three-tournament series is 75 players from the FedEx Cup standings and the top 50 players from the Nationwide Tour money list, with the top 50 players from that series earning their cards.
After the FedEx Cup finale, it's hard to watch the PGA Tour (unless maybe your home course is hosting a Fall Series tournament). The best players are off jet-setting making money or relaxing on the beach somewhere while the "rest" of the players fight to keep their cards. The result - lackluster enthusiasm.

I am definitely in favor of this new idea because it would make the latter part of the season somewhat interesting. I don't think the new structure would add any more non-golf viewers because this change would only further confuse those who already don't understand the FedEx Cup points. However, it would definitely attract the golf fans (like me) who tend to not watch as much golf because of football. Not saying I'd be glued to the TV, but I'd at least be tuned in a little.

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