Oh, That John Daly
By mustang6560 on 3/3/11
I have a hard time taking John Daly serious, but I must admit, he makes everything interesting.
John Daly is suing organizers of the Honda Classic, claiming he injured himself while trying to stop his backswing after being distracted by a fan taking his picture while he was playing in the tournament.

The two-time major winner filed a complaint in a Florida court on Wednesday seeking $15,000 in damages, alleging he aggravated an old injury as a female patron took a flash picture of him during the 2007 edition of the tournament.
From the obnoxious clothing he wears, to the TV staff bag to the good ole days of cigarettes and whiskey, it's hard to ignore Daly's influence on the game of golf (not to mention his 300+ yard drives). And his latest statement is suing the Honda Classic.

It's not very often you hear something like this. I do think he has a point - security at the course failed by letting this women in with a camera. However, did it really aggravate an old injury? I feel like he's going to have a hard time trying to prove that in court. If it's an old injury, maybe it never healed properly in the first place. To be fair to John, with as much force as he puts behind his swing, I can see how he could pull a muscle trying to get out of it.

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This lawsuit smells of the perfect contrived publicity stunt for the PGA. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but no press is bad press right? And this is definitely going to get some press. With the game of golf struggling for viewership and attendance, golf needs people like Daly to help attract fans.

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