Rickie Is Hot Pink!
By mustang6560 on 2/25/11
Hey, Phil. Maybe next time, you should lay off Rickie Fowler's wardrobe.

It's no secret Rickie wears bright, non-traditional color outfits. And yes it's true, he matches his hat and shoes- heck sometimes he even matches his pants and necklaces. But you know what Phil, he whoops people at match play. NO BIG DEAL.
Fowler made the hot part look as easy as color-coordinating his outfit.

Naturally, he took the usual amount of grief for that. Mickelson told him that his daughter has a pair of shoes that same color — she wears them to dance class. Fowler is used to comments about his colorful wardrobe. Asked if he had enough color combinations to last six rounds in case he makes it to the final this week, Fowler laughed and answered, "The hotel has laundry service — not a problem."
There is something about Rickie that is awesome. Maybe it's his homemade swing. Maybe it's his outfits. Heck, maybe it's the 7.5 degree driver he hits. Whatever it is, Folwer is fun to cheer for.

I used to make fun of Rickie for the way he dressed. But now all I see is his amazing play. You know that old saying you can't judge a book by it's cover? Well, Phil must not read very often. I hope he learned his lesson.

If Puma ever drops Rickie, maybe their is a future sponsorship deal with John Daly on the horizon?

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ozone says:
Rickie doesn't play cobra, He's Titleist, the two companies are not one anymore. Also Phil has never once said anything bad about Rickie, as a matter of fact Phil has said many times, and I quote, "the sky is the limit for this young talent, he can do it all on the golf course!" I think you mean you must not read that book very often. You use to judge a book by its cover. Its cool I'm not trying to start nothing, just correcting some mistakes
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