Why Make Excuses For Tiger?
By mustang6560 on 2/24/11
At what point will it stop being news that Tiger Woods lost?

I don't mean that literally because as long as Tiger's entered in a tournament, the media is going to cover his every move. But I mean it more symbolically.

Now, when Tiger doesn't win, the media and his opponents excuse his loss like an embarrassed wife would do for her drunk husband at a social function. "He's tweaking his swing", "He's trying to get his life settled", "He's gone through a lot".

When will it acceptable to say "Tiger lost. End of story." After beating Tiger yesterday, Thomas Bjorn had this to say:
I've always been a great friend of his, and we've always had a good relationship. And I want to see him back at his best because I think it's much more fun to go up against him when he's absolutely at his peak. And so it was things down that line."
What if this IS Tiger's best moving forward?

Tiger had a chance yesterday to write the opening paragraph of his comeback story. Needing to win on the 18th hole to extend the match, Tiger displayed a moment of brilliance that we've come to enjoy through the years as he sank the birdie putt. Everyone began to whisper, "Is this the Tiger of old?"

Nope. He shanked his drive on hole 1 (the first hole of sudden death).

If Tiger does not win a major this year, I think it will be time for Tiger fans and the golfing world alike to accept that the "new" Tiger is just a "regular" professional golfer. He's not done as a competitor, but he just won't have a stranglehold on the game like he used to. We're running out of excuses for Tiger. And you know what? I think it may be a good thing. Maybe if we stop paying Tiger so much attention for NOT winning, he'll be able to find his composure again.

Until then, I guess we'll just have to hear more about Tiger losing than about Thomas Bjorn winning.

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Enycee92104 says:
"Maybe if we stop paying Tiger so much attention for NOT winning, he'll be able to find his composure again." This is what needs to be said about the situation. People need to understand, Tiger was an athlete playing golf--and now after the decade of domination he is a grown man with grown man ailments brought on by his power and flexibility. I must say he's always made it interesting, even as a non-golfer, but I am loving all this fantastic golf we're privy to these days. I'm even following LPGA! We wont see another Tiger for decades.
Enycee92104 says:
I'm glad Rory was shellacked yesterday for the "tweeting" he did about Tiger and Phil's game and ridiculous comments he's made about Tiger. You know who he is, what he's done, and his charitable contributions to society and golf, don't act like you can do what he has or ever faced "the real Tiger". Tiger will win again, he's not going to quit golf but he's also not going to dominate. Period. He's signifcantly older and medically repaired now. All the excuses are valid but the golf world is slow to realize you can't be the best forever. Look at Jordan. You think he was happy about not being able to save the Wizards? Didn't keep him from trying. It's unfortunate, his quick descent but hey, you can't write this stuff, you can't make it up, and you can't predict it. Go Tiger, I'm a fan for life! Winner or Loser.
Angegolfer says:
I believe Tiger will win and dominate the tour again. He's made huge swing changes multiple times throughout his career and returned or remained at the top of the professional golf food chain. There is no reason for me to think he won't do it again. We are going to hear about Tiger not winning untill he wins again. Fortunately for you mustang I don't think it will be too much longer. There are signs he's getting there and when he does look out.
jmal says:
i dont think you will see the same tiger who dominates the leaderboard. in my opinion, tiger likes the attention of being on top, he thrives on the fact that the other players were scared of him, and thought him to be by far the best. but now i think that the other players feel he is "beat-able" and the fear is gone. without this, i think tiger is has lost his edge. he will still be a competitor, but not what he was.
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