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Now THESE Are Predictions
By mustang6560 on 12/29/10
Yesterday I got on a bit for making very timid predictions for the future. I've got no such complaints about the Arizona Republic. They've made 10 predictions for the 2011 golf season including Charlie Hoffman winning the Waste Management Open, the resurgence of Sergio Garcia, and Tiger winning 2 majors. While I'm sure some of these 10 will be wrong- I certainly appreciate writer Bob Young going out on a limb.

I have a hard time seeing Sergio coming back strong but I think a lot of what he offers could certainly be right on- specifically guesses on the strong play of Michelle Wie and Alexis Thompson.

Check out the full list and chime in. Do you guys have any predictions of your own? I predict a healthy and happy 2011 for all oobers including a spectacular drop in handicaps everywhere! Sure- that probably can't happen for every last one of you- but here's hoping!

10 Predictions For 2011 Golf Season

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JP Harrison says:
Prediction for 2011?
Tiger to win the Masters.
JohnKay79 says:
I predict that Tiger get’s shut out by the field again. Maybe 2 tournament wins, no majors.
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