Funny Golf Commercials
By kickntrue on 11/11/10 put together a list of the 20 best golf commercials of all time. Leading the way (and rightfully so) is the TaylorMade baby commercials for E-Trade. There are a couple other gems I'm sure you've forgotten about as well- like this one below. If you're looking to blow 15 minutes at work today- check them all out. I've always loved the irony of sitting down and watching a commercial as entertainment, when in almost every other setting we absolutely hate them (with a multi-billion dollar industry designed specifically to avoid them). I suppose that's what makes an ad exec sleep well at night. Making a commercial that not only stops DVR's everywhere- but is actually uploaded to YouTube to watch later. Funny- you never see those get pulled for copyright infringement!

Funniest Golf Commercials -

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Enycee92104 says:
Thanks for the link. That was some good stuff right there.
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