Golf With Alzheimer's Patients
By kickntrue on 11/2/10
This short article on how golf is being used with Alzheimer's patients only takes 2 minutes to read and is worth the read.

Writes Maryam Mahbod:
Heading to the golf course with my Wednesday afternoon group highlights the week.

Many people feel that way about golfing with their buddies, but there's something you should know about mine. They all have Alzheimer's or another memory-impairing disease. And they constantly inspire me with their abilities and how golf touches their souls.
There is some Alzheimer's in my family, and I honestly cannot think of a worse way to watch someone leave you. It's the one disease that is completely devastating to the person with the disease as well as those who love him or her. I mean- cancer is awful- and I hope to never experience that pain, but to know you are losing your mind while you still alive and functioning, or to watch someone you love dearly forget about you has to be worse emotionally.

I admire anyone with the heart capable of loving and taking care of these patients. Even with no relationship or familial bond, I'd imagine you end up crying yourself to sleep every night.

The article isn't sappy- so don't worry about tears at work, :)

It's just... nice.

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photo source- - Maryam Mahbod

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