Amended Ryder Cup Schedule
By kickntrue on 10/1/10
Because of Friday's nearly 8 hour rain delay- the format for the rest of the Ryder Cup has changed. All 12 players from each side will play the rest of the way out- with a full session being eliminated. These changes are somewhat due to the fact that the captains came to an agreement that no matter what, all matches would end by sunset on Monday. Any matches still in play Monday at sunset will be considered halved.
And according to the PGA, due to the rain delay, all 12 players from each team will play tomorrow and Sunday. Second session is six foursomes; third session is two foursomes, four fourballs; final session still 12 singles.
This will help make up about 4 hours. This is a pretty big change- but I think a necisary one, especially with more rain in the forecast. It could hurt a player like Europe's Lee Westwood, who is coming off an injury and will now not get a break.

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