Golf Channel Going Quiet On Saturday
By kickntrue on 9/16/10
If there's every been a weekend to go golfing instead of sit inside to watch it, it's this weekend. The PGA Tour is off, as are the Champions and LPGA Tours. What were they thinking?! Still- what Golf Channel is doing Saturday with the Nationwide Tour is interesting.
After some discussion, we all got on board with what promises to be a fun broadcast of the Nationwide Tour’s Albertsons Boise Open that will be entertaining for the viewer in a non-traditional way. It won’t be completely announcer-less, more like announcer-lite. We’ll all be in the broadcast, we just won’t be talking about shots, players, or anything else while you’re watching the actual golf.


For the most part, the viewer will get to enjoy pure golf with all the audio coming from the players and caddies. Each player in the last four groups will have a dedicated boom-microphone (a big furry thing that can hear a gnat sneeze from a mile away) and no announcers will be able to interrupt while you’re listening to the good stuff. Also, a great deal of preparation is going in to providing the viewer with as much information as possible through the use of graphics – bio information and statistical information.
Wow... sounds like heaven. I don't know if I'll watch it over a football game (it IS Nationwide Tour afterall), but it may be worth DVR'ing just to see what it'd be like. I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to go over really well- and is what viewers really want. Then... we're going to find out it's never going to happen again- because why would they care what we want?!

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trikkineon says:
Personally I like the commentary, To me it makes it more interesting to have good analysis.
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