Junior Play DQs Himself After Winning
By mustang6560 on 9/2/10
A lot has been written about the integrity of golf and the integrity of golfers.

But no one embodies the integrity of the game more than 14-year-old Zach Nash who disqualified himself after winning a Wisconsin junior PGA Tournament.
Zach Nash was shocked when he discovered he had one too many golf clubs in his bag a couple hours after winning a junior Wisconsin PGA tournament.

But rules are rules, and the 14-year-old from southern Wisconsin made a decision that might surprise some people: He disqualified himself and surrendered his medal.
As heart-breaking as this is, I have to give mad props to Zach for the level of respect he displayed for the game. He said he wouldn't have been able to live with himself if he hadn't come forth.

I wrote a story two weeks ago about this very subject (see Golf Is a Gentleman's Game). When you are already shooting double bogey golf it's easy to rationalize adding on one more penalty stroke. But how easy is it to DQ yourself with a championship metal on the line - let alone already around your neck? Further, how many adults or grown ups would have done the same thing?

Not only am I impressed he came forward and returned the metal, I'm impressed Zach took the time to even count the number of clubs in his bag.