200 Yard Gong Shot
By kickntrue on 8/23/10
I don't know the story behind this, other than the YouTube description- but it's a pretty entertaining video. If nothing else- you can see a bunch of millionaires having fun like a bunch of kids, which in itself is admirable.
Could David Howell, Paul McGinley, Marcel Siem or Rhys Davies skim a ball 200 yards across a lake and hit a 9 inch gong?
You had me at "skim." My favorite moment is at the 30 second mark- when Paul McGinley shanks a shot and says, "PGA Tour- these guys are good. European Tour- these guys are crap!"

This seems to be something being run by the European Tour, with this being the first "challenge." I hope to see more... this is pretty fun.

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JP Harrison says:
That is cool.
klangdon says:
Its amazing to see so many shots so close to it. They are good...
mustang6560 says:
Plus they're having so much fun doing it!
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