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By kickntrue on 7/15/10
All that talk about the conditions at St. Andrews and then someone forgot to wake up the weather. Currently, these guys are playing a pitch and putt., or at least a drive, putt and putt. I assume it can't be like this for four days, but right now it looks like the winning score could be -20.

It's funny you're judged by your scorecard but it never tells the whole story. I'm sure Tiger is happy with a -5 start but I'm sure it stings a little knowing he was two 4 footers away on holes 17 and 18 from being -7.

Okay- enough Tiger- Rory goes low and John Daly... well, pulls a John Daly. I feel like it's been 3 years in a row now that on the first day of the British Open we've been talking about him. If history holds, we won't be talking about him by Saturday. I sincerely hope this is not the case. I'd consider giving away my life savings (hollow promise based on what you'd be getting) to see a final pairing of John Daly and Rory or Tiger.

AND- the best part?! Because there is apparently daylight for about a million hours this time of year, there is still TONS of golf to go. At this point only about 1/2 of the field has played any golf. They have enough light to send off 3 waves of tee times in a major championship. That's like 17 hours of live golf!

Hopefully you're lucky enough to have ESPN3 (or work at home) so you can watch all day. (Leaderboard +)
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nbryden says:
I guess your page was received - not quite the same course on Friday!!! If anyone hits -20, I agree that they will win, but based on the weather forecast, I'm thinking -5 to -10, assuming we don't get another day like today.
kickntrue says:
@nybryden- how dare anyone tempt the Scottish Weather Gods?! I stand corrected!
mixsun says:
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