Will You Set Your Alarm?
By kickntrue on 7/14/10
British Open coverage kicks off on ESPN at 4am EST tomorrow morning. Will you be in front of your tv? I'm saying "yes" now, but it could be a different story at 3:59am when my alarm goes off. I could get up to play golf at that hour- but to watch... I guess we'll see. Give your answer in the comments and then answer tomorrow's poll question to let us know if you actually did. We can laugh at our tiredness!

Looks like the weather is going to UGLY... which ruins other majors, but for some reason seems just about right for an Open Championship.

Make sure you also check out the link to WeiUnderPar and the awesome pic of Tiger, John Daly, and Padraig Harrington. Priceless!

WeiUnderPar/Funny Picture
Weather Moving In

photo source

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Sumo2 says:
It's 1:34 am (mountain) ... coverage starts at 2:00 am here (for Tiger's 2:09 tee time) on TSN ... I'm wide awake and ready to watch !!
wulfie says:
Thank DTV for Tivo!!
Minnesota Finance says:
GripItRipIt says:
YEA DVR or sportcenter...who really cares that much to get up before the sun does to watch..unless you have money on the tournament
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