Tiger Switches Putters
By kickntrue on 7/13/10
Tiger Woods has switched putters for the first time in YEARS!
This week, for the first time since the 1999 GTE Byron Nelson Championship, Tiger Woods has a new putter in his bag.

The Scotty Cameron that has contributed to 63 PGA TOUR victories and all but one of his 14 major championships has been replaced with a Nike Method putter for this week's 150th Open Championship.

Woods said he made the decision because he struggles on slower greens like the relatively flat putting surfaces at St. Andrews. The greens are large, too, so lag putting will be key and having a comfort zone with the speed is essential.

"It's one of those things where I've always struggled on slower greens," Woods said. "I've always putted well on faster greens. This putter does come off faster with the new groove technology. It rolls the ball better and rolls it faster.
This is a huge victory for Nike!! When I took my trip to The Oven the single piece of equipment I was most impressed with was the Method Putter. I added it to my bag the day it was available and have absolutely loved it!

Now the interesting thing will be see what Tiger does when he wins with it. Will he really ditch it on faster greens or is that just the excuse he needed to make the switch? Either way- now I am officially rooting for Tiger. If he'd win that'd be three wins for the Method Putter in the last 7 majors.

You'd have to think soon non-Nike guys will start switching to it.

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Mr_Topher says:
So far the new putter seems to be working for him! hopefully he can keep it up!
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