Tiger To Play Memorial
By mustang6560 on 5/28/10
By Nathan Trifone, ClubSG Contributor

Tiger Woods is back, well sorta. He announced on his website he plans to defend his title next week in Ohio at the Memorial Tournament.
Tiger Woods will defend his title next week at the Memorial Tournament, marking his return to the PGA Tour after three weeks spent rehabbing a neck injury.

Woods withdrew from The Players Championship on May 9 with an inflamed facet joint in his neck. He confirmed on his website Wednesday he'll play next week at Muirfield Village in Ohio.
I can empathize a little with Tiger right now. Yea, he's a Jerk with a capital J. But he is having a rough time off the course as well as on the course. He just can't seem to get his life in order. That would be stressful for anyone.

If Tiger really wants to win over the female population, he needs to get on Oprah. If he can get her blessing, then it's game, set, match. Problem is, Oprah's show ends soon so he'll have to act quick!

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rwill234 says:
I like how he is posing for the photo op with a watch on trying to plug his sponsors again.
HMTrey says:
welcome back Tiger No man or woman is perfect looking forward to your return again.
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