Cowboys Lineman Saves Ducks
By kickntrue on 5/13/10
Leonard Davis, the Dallas Cowboys 6'6" gaurd, took some time out of a golf event yesterday to save some ducklings from the big bad golf bunker.
Davis, in the videotaped rescue, is seen at Cowboys Golf Club helping several stranded baby ducks. The creatures were having trouble making it up the steep side of a bunker.

KXAS-TV reports Davis picked up the young ducks, one at a time, and gently put them on the fairway. The creatures then scurried back to their mother.

Davis is no stranger to helping animals in need.

Davis, in May of 2007, used a small tractor to help ease a horse from a mudhole in the Chandler, Ariz., area where he had a home.
Classy move by Davis, and good PR too!

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