Hank Haney Out As Tiger's Swing Coach
By kickntrue on 5/11/10
Hank Haney has resigned from his duties as Tiger's swing coach. I wonder if "resigned" is a move by Tiger to show some grace and leave Hank with his dignity intact. While this will be the golf talk of the week- nobody following golf can really be surprised by this move. People have been speculating for weeks on the possibility that this could be coming.
Hank Haney, who has been Tiger Woods’ swing coach for more than six years, resigned from those duties Monday and released a statement on his Web site.

“I resigned because there is a time and place for everything and I believed that now was the time for me to step aside,” Haney said in an e-mail to Golfweek late Monday night. “I am very proud of the work that I have done with Tiger and the record that he has had with me helping him.”
Tiger has now worked with two huge swing coaches- Butch Harmon and now Hank Haney. Most would agree Harmon produced the better results, but if we are to believe those "close" to the situation- Harmon and Tiger aren't so hot on each other so it's doubtful they'd get back together. Plus- Harmon is now coaching Phil. I'm guessing Mickelson has something in their agreement about working with certain individuals.

So- where does Tiger go from here? Personally, I think he just needs to work it out himself. There are stories about Tiger being able to feel the difference of grams between golf clubs and everyone knows about his meticulous work ethic. I just can't imagine anyone knows more about about a golf swing than Tiger. Maybe 3rd party perspective is good but Tiger should go the consultant route- bringing different coaches in occasionally to offer their opinions on what he's produced for himself.

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