Christina Kim's New Book- Swinging From My Heels
By kickntrue on 4/29/10
LPGA star Christina Kim has a new book called "Swinging From My Heels" which is co-authored by Alan Shipnuck. I received an advanced copy of the book early last week- and besides a few hiccups (accidentally left it at the office 2 nights in a row), I couldn't put it down. Christina launches right in to life on the LPGA Tour and covers subjects in Chapter 1 like dating, partying, and the "L Word" too-often associated with women's golf. Do I even need to finish my review?

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In case you need more... the book's chapters are laid out in weeks that cover Kim's entire 2009 season. She recaps each event and how she played, but the meat of the book is really the "in-betweens" that talk about the struggle of the LPGA player. I think in a lot of ways it's more interesting than that of a PGA Tour star because even as a top player on the female circuit she doesn't make a ton of dough. One of the more interesting points was a breakdown of where her money is spent and how making $500k per year really doesn't go that far when you consider how much cost there is associated with transporting yourself, your equipment and caddie to every event. There are costs associated with paying a caddie, covering your own health benefits and in a lot of cases those of the caddie and then lodging at each event. Remember- pro golfers are technically independent contractors out there each week.

I hate paying for a new hardbook book, but this one is pretty darn good. Maybe you can find it cheaper on Kindle or iBooks.

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ChappyEight says:
Just picked this up Tuesday. So far, through the first three chapters, I'm really enjoying it.
Annabelle11 says:
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