Furyk Wins Again
By kickntrue on 4/19/10
Jim Furyk won for the 2nd time in 2010. While he was celebrating, I was trying to explain to my wife why Brian Davis had to assess himself a 2 stroke penalty. She couldn't fully grasp how lightly brushing a reed on a backswing gave Brian Davis a advantage.

Fortunately- Davis has already sealed his fate with his shot from the hazard and Furyk was going to win anyway. If Davis had hit the shot to about 3 feet- this would be a lot bigger deal today.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about...
Davis, an Englishman who’s never won on the PGA Tour, used a birdie on the 72nd hole to force the extra hole. However, Davis’ approach rolled off the green of the lighthouse hole and into some rocks.

As Davis attempted to chip on, his wedge moved a loose reed in the marshy area. Davis quickly called for a rules official, who after calling colleagues to check the replay, confirmed the penalty.

“I thought I saw movement,” Davis said. “It’s a disappointment.”

Davis conceded to Furyk before the world’s sixth-ranked player putted out.
I feel it'd be unfortunate if I didn't at least give some time to the actual rule that got Davis in trouble. As the rule is written- it actually makes sense. It's more that this was a terrible example of the rule in action.
13-4. Ball in Hazard; Prohibited Actions

Except as provided in the Rules, before making a stroke at a ball that is in a hazard (whether a bunker or a water hazard) or that, having been lifted from a hazard, may be dropped or placed in the hazard, the player must not:

c. Touch or move a loose impediment lying in or touching the hazard.
The idea of the rule is that when in a hazard you cannot move objects behind the ball to give you a clean swing path (like you could outsize a hazard).

Oh well- like I said up top- Furyk was going to win anyway. Congrats to him and his family! I'm sure it's been a tough couple of years of Jim, to be competing at the highest level without breaking through with a win. His victory moves him to 2nd in the FedExCup standings and well on his way to a great 2010.

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