How To Maximize Masters Coverage
By kickntrue on 4/8/10
So yah- The Masters starts today... you know, in case you live on Mars or something. ESPN can only show 3 hours of live Masters coverage. That doesn't mean you can't see more golf today.

The single best way to watch- if you can get away with it- is to find DirecTv and plop yourself in front of the tube all day- starting at around 10am EST. They have a deal that allows them to show "The Masters Experience" which features four channels, each with their own announcers. You can follow all groups through Amen Corner, all groups to play 15 and 16, and they follow one featured group in the morning, and one in the afternoon rounds. All in HD. Can't beat that- at least until ESPN's coverage starts at 4pm EST. At 3pm EST, DirecTV also kicks in an extra hour of ESPN's coverage, so you get Masters from 3pm-7:30pm. Not great- but a decent.

If you can't get in front of a TV- you can get the exact same video through The only downside is half the country will be trying to connect, and buffer, and your company may see all the bandwidth your stealing and shut it down. Good luck with that.

I haven't seen anything that says who the featured groups will be. You'd think it would be Tiger Woods in the afternoon- but who knows? I could see them not picking his group on purpose- which would be pretty stupid, but who knows? Augusta kind of likes to do their own thing- and make no mistake- they are calling all of the shots here.
DirecTV Masters Experience

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mmatthews999 says:
or you can watch it all for free if you are in the UK on the good old Auntie thre BBC ;-)
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